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Very Irrésistible Duty Free Givenchy

I have spent a lot of time on this blog writing about how perfume marketing works on us, plays with our sympathies, makes us want to be our better selves, uses social signifiers to say BUY ME.  Part of the reason I do this is it fascinates me; the other reason is that it really works on me.

I have always loved Liv Tyler.  She is a beautiful woman who is a celebrity but is never in the limelight for unbecoming reasons.  She picks and chooses what she does very carefully, crafting a public image that is as impeccable as it is real.  So it intrigued me when news got out that Tyler was the face of Givenchy‘s new Very Irrésistible perfumes.  What got me hooked though, was her rendition for Givenchy of one of my favorite 80’s pop songs, INXS’s “I Need You Tonight”:

Let’s break it down here: We’ve got Liv Tyler, a famous person I like and respect, mixed up with great music that is part of her family heritage, AND a reference to 80’s music. It’s no wonder that at the duty-free store near my departure gate at CDG, I could not help picking up the new perfume from Givenchy, Electric Rose, the third incarnation of their popular Very Irrésistable series.

Very Irrésistible Electric Rose by Givenchy featuring Liv Tyler

It’s a fruity gourmand of the Thierry Mugler Angel variety, not at all the kind of thing I would wear except for the rose and woody notes that come through at the heart and the base.  In fact, it’s rather cloying and soapy, and I can see a teen or someone in their 20’s pulling this off in a fun and flirty way.

To make things clear, I’m one of those ladies who wears Musc Ravageur and Patchouli 24 on a regular basis.  Candy colored perfume is not me.  I don’t like smelling like something one can eat, despite all connotations.  In this case, however, all of the social/cultural codes lined up for me, and I slapped down those precious Euros without the bat of an eyelash extension.


3 thoughts on “Very Irrésistible Duty Free Givenchy

  1. I could not have said it better myself re: Liv Tyler. I think she’s awesome, and actually really like this rendition of the song.

    • i still have not quite come around to the perfume itself. But after Audrey Tatou, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Keira Knightley and all of the other beautiful women who have become faces for perfume companies, I find Liv to be the most accessible for an American audience with her rock and roll chick style. Still not sure about the perfume tho!

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