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My Annick Goutal Induced Fantasy

Annick Goutal’s Rose Absolue

I will admit that I haven’t given Annick Goutal’s fragrances a fair shake.  But it was a summer-like day in Paris, and I could not help walking into their store on the rue des Rosiers to give it another try.  I came away with Rose Absolue.  Mind you, I’m typically a “dark rose” girl; I like it spicy, musky and rich.  When I got a whiff of Rose Absolue, though, I felt that I had stumbled upon the most perfect rose imaginable.  It’s composed of many different kinds of roses, from Damascus to English, and despite what people might say about rose perfumes being old fashioned, I like the nostalgic tawdriness about them.

I wore Rose Absolue today while riding the train from Paris to Geneva. I had taken the same trip when I was a student traveling around Europe, and I had fond memories of both the trip there and the city of Geneva itself, so I was quite excited to be going back.  I turned on Glenn Gould on my iPhone, and watched as the rolling hills and bucolic pastures of the French and Swiss countryside swept by me.  The Alps came upon us quickly; one moment they simply appeared out of nowhere, majestic and awe-inspiring.  Bach’s piano score, at times pensive and sad, at others joyful and upbeat, became the soundtrack to my trip.  I felt like Juliette Binoche in a movie where she is on a train heading to a funeral or something similarly tragic, staring out the window like this:

Juliette Binoche

Of course I could never be as gorgeous or as wistful as Binoche, but the stunning view, the wafts of a perfume that says the word FRENCH quite loudly, the drama of Glenn Gould’s performance–all of it came together in a perfect symphony of sight, smell, and sound.


10 thoughts on “My Annick Goutal Induced Fantasy

  1. Mmm a lovely read. I love it when your surroundings, your music, your perfume and your mood all blend into a perfect harmony.
    I also haven’t given Annick Goutal a fair sampling. I dismiss them everytime I pass them, I’m a little more inspired to give them a try now.

    • Thank you so much! I’m a very “romantic” traveler. I’m one of those who is planning her next trip out of New York even before the one I’m on is over. I love to hear different languages, see different types of flowers and trees, and of course, eat new and interesting varieties of food. Smells of places, too, become imprinted in my memory. From now on I will always associate the smell of roses with Geneva.

      • Your very lucky to travel so much I’m envious.
        Well, enjoy your fragrant journeys 🙂 I’ll just look forward to reading about them!

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  3. Romantic read! I’ve been wearing Annick Goutal’s Petite Chérie scent for nearly years! Perhaps it’s time for a change. Last year’s Mimosa was also pretty great! I’ll check out the rose. Did you happen to catch the name of this year’s featured fragrance? Did you test it? Thanks! Theadora

    • Hi there, and thanks for reading, Theadora!

      I believe they just released Le Mimosa, to join Rose Splendide, Le Muguet, and La Violette as another one of their soliflores. They are really pushing the marketing on these. The bottles are super pretty, with ribbons that match the color of the flowers. So girly!

      • Thanks for the Nancy Drew work! I appreciate it! I’ve also worn Annick Goutal’s Eau de Charlotte and Eau d’Hadrien. What to do? What to do? Do I pick an old trusted scent or give a new one a shot? I’ll probably end up with Petite Chérie body cream again! Theadora (Do you have a favorite AG scent?)

        • Goutal is a new thing for me, so I don’t have a favorite…yet! Like I said, I haven’t liked the ones that everyone else seems to like, but now that I’m going off the beaten path, you never know.

  4. I have a soft spot for Annick Goutal. If to think about it, I like less perfumes from the line than I dislike or feel indifferent about, but still I think of it as of one of my favorite brands. Probably I feel this way because there are several perfumes that I really love – Petite Cherie is my favorite for the last five years, Heure Exquise and Ambre Fetiche are newer additions but I do not plan on being without them any time in future.

    I haven’t tried Rose Absolute on the skin yet (I ran out of skin RE by the time I got to that bottle) but I plan to do it the next time I come across it in a store.

    Very beautiful and romantic review, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thank you! I’ve always loved the branding and design of Goutal, but the scents that are most popular, like L’Eau d’Hadrien, leave me scratching my head. I have Ambre Fetiche now as well. I’ve decided it will be my evening right before I go to bed perfume.

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