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Chanel Egoiste Ad

Sometimes us perfume bloggers take ourselves a little too seriously.  This post is an antidote to that.  Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

Many thanks to Gemini21Empire for directing my attention to this!


4 thoughts on “Chanel Egoiste Ad

  1. That ad made a big impression on me back when I first saw it sometime in the early 90s – a big *negative* impression. Who aspires to be *that* guy? Sure – he’s obviously successful with the ladies, but then he hides behind the shutters and pokes his hand out to place the bottle on the railing, as if to say “hey, I’m an Egoiste, I can’t help myself”. It gave me this subconscious aversion to Egoiste for the next 20 years. I just smelled it last year for the first time and instantly loved it. The power of advertising … it can backfire.

    I read an interview with someone (Polge? Wertheimer?) that they regretted this ad campaign, as it seemed to have seriously hurt the commercial success of one of Chanel’s great fragrances.

  2. Reuben,

    As a woman, you can understand why I find it so amusing. A lot of advertising for male perfumes was and is geared towards the ladies (and now gay men with good taste), because they are the ones doing the shopping and gifting. I know what you mean, though. The guy portrayed is a real dirtbag.


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